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Welcome to the non-fiction section of the Booktopia Catalogue.

This month we have a new guide to matters of the heart from Australia's Favourite relationship adviser, Zoë Foster Blake.

We also have new books from Pete Evans, Carly Findlay, Jane Caro and many more.

Scroll down for many great recommendations, or browse our Fiction and Kids sections of the catalogue.

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Book of the Month


by Zoe Foster Blake

RRP: $45.00

Our Price: $32.95 | Save 27%

An indispensable reference guide to the heart by Australia's favourite relationships adviser Zoë Foster Blake.

Most of us mosey between single, dating and committed in a half-rapturous, half-tortured loop for a large portion of our lives. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to love, life and relationships. There are no rules and there is no normal when it comes to the heart; it’s different for each of us, every single time.

However! A fresh perspective never hurts, especially if the Same Shit keeps happening again and again. Thankfully, this visually pleasing tome lovingly serves up a few for you to consider.

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Go Keto with Pete Evans

Easy Keto

by Pete Evans

RRP: $29.99

Our Price: $22.50 | Save 25%

The ketogenic diet - a style of eating that is low in carbs and rich in healthy fats - is a powerful way to transform your health, lose weight and find relief from common health problems. In this practical, one-stop guide, Pete Evans gives you the essential information you'll need to transition to this way of eating, including:
- The benefits of a keto diet
- Guidelines on carbohydrates found in common foods
- Eating, shopping and pantry tips
- More than 70 simple and delicious recipes

As always, Pete's recipes are quick, easy to make and full of bright, fresh flavours.

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Biography of the Month

Say Hello

by Carly Findlay

RRP: $32.99

Our Price: $24.50 | Save 25%

A forthright, honest and rousingly triumphant memoir from a woman who has to live with a highly visible different appearance due to a rare skin condition. Say hello to Carly.

'In fairy tales, the characters who look different are often cast as the villain or monsters. It's only when they shed their unconventional skin that they are seen as "good" or less frightening. There are very few stories where the character that looks different is the hero of the story ... I've been the hero of my story - telling it on my own terms, proud about my facial difference and disability, not wanting a cure for my rare, severe and sometimes confronting skin condition, and knowing that I am beautiful even though I don't have beauty privilege.'

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New in Politics & Current Events

Accidental Feminists

by Jane Caro

RRP: $32.99

Our Price: $25.95 | Save 21%

Western women over fifty are a revolutionary generation.

They are the first in history to have been in paid work for most of their lives. The power and freedom of this financial independence is unprecedented. These women are making their own decisions, spending what they have earned and, increasingly, inherited But this financial transformation is not equally enjoyed. The fastest-growing group among the homeless are women over fifty-five. Women retire with half the super of men and one-third of women retire with none at all.

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Advice for Parents

12 Ways Your Child Can Get The Best Out Of School

by Adrian Pccoli

RRP: $32.99

Our Price: $25.95 | Save 20%

A jargon-free guide to your child's education and how you can help them thrive at school.

For Australian children to achieve their full potential in a rapidly changing world, they need a high-quality education. However, experts and teachers can't do it alone. In fact, all the research shows that parents and carers have a big part to play.

In 12 Ways Your Child Can Get the Best Out of School, Professor Adrian Piccoli, Director of the Gonski Institute for Education and former NSW education minister, sets out clearly what you need to know to ensure your child receives the quality education they deserve. Jargon-free and easy to understand, this book will empower you with the knowledge and advice you need to make a difference.

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Book of the Month

Ben Quilty

by Ben Quilty

RRP: $90.00

Our Price: $63.50 | Save 29%

A celebration of the last two decades of work from Australian artist Ben Quilty, to coincide with a major retrospective of his work. With a Foreword by Richard Flanagan

Ben Quilty has worked across a range of media including drawing, photography, sculpture, installation and film.

His works often respond to social and political events, from the current global refugee crisis to the complex social history of Australia; he is constantly critiquing notions of identity, patriotism and male rites of passage.Quilty is a past winner of the Archibald Prize for portraiture, the National Self-portrait prize, and the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.

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